"I loved the magic, how it related to our school goals, and the way it encouraged responsibility

on the part of the kids."

"I loved the energy and creativity, the integration of books and magic, the puppet, and the theme of kindness! Great job!"
                         –  Principal, Oxford Elementary​

Winter Magic Show
A magic show inspired by the most magical season of the year, a time of shorter days, colder nights, and annual celebrations of light. Come warm yourself this season with a little fun and a whole lot of wonder!
All ages are welcome to come laugh, smile, and participate in this very special

seasonal magic show.


The Not-So-Scary Halloween Show
Surprise! It’s a magic show full of Halloween fun appropriate for all ages!
Bring your ghosts and goblins, your superheroes and your fairies as

tricks reign over treats in this silly, fun, laughter-filled show.


My School Rules

A funny, engaging, creative elementary school assembly program all about kindness and how each of us is actively responsible for making our community the place we want it to be. 

"Really cool magic! And the audience participation and appropriate humor kept students engaged and laughing!" 
    – 1st & 4th Grade Teachers, Taylor Elementary