Seasonal Magic Shows

Winter Magic Show

A magic show inspired by the most magical season of the year, a time of shorter days, colder nights,

and annual celebrations of light. Come warm yourself this season with a little fun and a whole lot of wonder!

All ages are welcome to come laugh, smile, and participate in this very special seasonal magic show.

The Not-So-Scary Halloween Show
Surprise! It’s a magic show full of Halloween fun appropriate for all ages!
Bring your ghosts and goblins, your superheroes and your fairies as tricks reign over treats in this silly, fun, laughter-filled show.

 "Mike The Magician was a fantastic part of my 4- year-old's birthday party!  The kids (ages 3-8) were engrossed in the magic show, and he kept them engaged the entire time.  Mike was great for this preschool age group because they loved his silliness and energy, and the tricks were both amazing and simple enough for them to follow.  The show length was perfect for their attention spans, and the adults really enjoyed the magic also!  He made balloon animals after the show, which was a great way to finish up.  Mike was pleasure to work with both in the pre-planning and during the party, and I highly recommend him, especially for the preschool crowd." -Kate R.

"Mike had all the kids engaged, interacting, participating, and laughing. Parents and kids alike loved the show. Even the shyest kid wanted to participate! Perfectly humored!

Magician Mike is awesome! So awesome that our 7 year old wants him back next year for her birthday party!" - Denise W.