"Mike had all the kids engaged, interacting, participating, and laughing. Parents and kids alike loved the show. Even the shyest kid wanted to participate! Perfectly humored! So awesome that our 7 year old wants him back next year for her birthday party!" 
                                                                 – Denise W.

Mike is a former Boston stand-up comic, 20-year comedy improv vet and third-grade school teacher. He returned to magic, his childhood hobby, when he moved to the Bay Area in 2004. 
Since then he has performed to laughter and acclaim across California, and won some awards to boot. He loves magic's combination of fun and surprise and shares in the wide-eyed wonder of his young audiences. 

 "Mike The Magician was a fantastic part of my 4- year-old's birthday party!  The kids (ages 3-8) were engrossed in the magic show, and he kept them engaged the entire time.   The show length was perfect for their attention spans, and the adults really enjoyed the magic also!  He made balloon animals after the show, which was a great way to finish up.  Mike was pleasure to work with.
                                                               – Kate R.


2023 Public Shows​​​​


8th! Sunday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland

14th! Saturday at 11am - Oakland Dimond Branch Library

28th! Saturday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club


4th! Saturday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club

18th! Saturday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland

19th! Sunday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland


25th! Saturday at 11am - City of Novato Spring Magic Show!

25th! Saturday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club


1st! Saturday at 10:30am, 11:30am, & 1:30pm - Belvedere Tiburon Library's Teddy Bear Tea

1st! Saturday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club

2nd! Sunday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland

​23rd! Sunday at 3:30pm & 4:30pm - Pacifica Co-Op Preschool's Rainbowfest

30th! Sunday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland


13th! Saturday at 11am - Branciforte Library

27th! Saturday at 11:30am & 12:45pm - GGP Bandshell Kids’ Fest 2023


3rd! Saturday at 2pm - Joyce Ellington Library

​3rd! Saturday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club

6th! Tuesday at 7pm - Dimond Branch Library

​8th! Thursday at 3:30pm & 7pm - Milpitas Library

10th! Saturday at 10:30am - Central Park Branch Library

10th! Saturday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club

13th! Tuesday at 10:30am - Petaluma Library

14th! Wednesday at 3pm - Los Altos Library

15th! Thursday at 11am - Healdsburgh Library

23rd! Friday at 11am - Roseland Library

27th! Tuesday at 10:30am - Cloverdale Library

27th! Tuesday at 7pm - Benicia Library

28th! Wednesday at 11am - Live Oak Library

28th! Wednesday at 2pm - Santa Cruz Downtown Library

28th! Wednesday at 4pm - Felton Library


5th! Wednesday at 11am - Sonoma Valley Library

6th! Thursday at 2pm - Rose Garden Library

7th! Friday at 2pm - Oakland M.L.K. Branch Library

8th! Saturday at 11:30am - Melrose Branch Library

11th! Tuesday at 11am - Pickleweed Library

11th! Tuesday at 1:30pm - San Rafael Library

12th! Wednesday at 2pm - Elmhurst Library

13th! Thursday at 10:15am - Lakeview Branch Library

13th! Thursday at 3:30pm - Central Park Branch Library

15th! Saturday at 11am - Dougherty Station Library

15th! Saturday at 4pm - West Valley Branch Library

16th! Sunday at 1:30pm - San Jose M.L.K. Branch Library

18th! Tuesday at 4pm - Los Gatos Library

​19th! Wednesday at 11am - Northwest Library

19th! Wednesday at 2pm - Windsor Library

21st! Friday at 3:30pm -Village Square Library

25th! Tuesday at 1pm - Prewett Library

25th! Tuesday at 6:30pm - Rockridge Library

26th! Wednesday at 2pm - Monclair Library

27th! Thursday at 3pm - Almaden Branch Library

28th! Friday at 4pm - Bascom Branch Library

29th! Saturday at 10:30am - Golden Gate Library

29th! Saturday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland


2nd! Wednedsday at 2pm - Antioch Library

3rd! Thursday at 5pm - St. Helena Library

20th! Sunday at 1:30pm - Vineland Branch Library 

25th! Friday at 7:30pm California Magic Club

26th! Saturday at 2pm & 4pm - Moonlight Brewing Anniversary Party


1st! Friday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club

22nd! Friday at 7:30pm - California Magic Club

29th Friday at 7:30pmCalifornia Magic Club


2nd! Monday at 4pm - East Palo Alto Library

6th! Friday at 4pm - North Fair Oaks Library

7th! Saturday at 2pm - Piedmont Library

10th! Tuesday at 4pm - Woodside Library

16th! Monday at 3:30pm - San Carlos Library

17th! Tuesday at 4:30pm - Foster City Library

20th! Friday at 4pm - Belmont Library

21st! Saturday at 11am - Larkspur Library

24th! Tuesday at 7pm - Alameda Library

27th! Friday at 11:30am - Children's Fairyland

27th! Friday at 4pm - Half Moon Bay Library

28th! Saturday at 10am -City of Novato

28th! Saturday at 3pm - Cloverdale Library

30th! Monday at 4pm - Millbrae Library


13th! Monday at 4:30pm - Portola Valley Library

14th! Tuesday at 4:30pm - Atherton Library

20th! Monday at 3:30pm - Pacifica Sharp Library​​

25th! Saturday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland

26th! Sunday at 1:30pm & 2:30pm - Children's Fairyland


2nd! Saturday at 3:30pm - Martinez Library

9th! Saturday at 10:30am - Berkeley South Branch Library

12th! Tuesday at 6:30pm - Pleasant Hill Library

16th! Saturday at 11am - Burlingame Library

16th! Saturday at 2pm - Saratoga Library

23rd! Saturday at 10:15am - Morgan Hill Library

26th! Tuesday at 5pm - Children's Fairyland

28th! Thursday at 10:30am - Morgan Hill Library

30th! Saturday at 11am - Windsor Library

30th! Saturday at 2pmNorthwest Library